Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I recently purchased new sigma brushes! I love sigma and their quality in their makeup. They are getting more popular and their collection is growing more and more. One downside about sigma is that it is getting more expensive. 😢

I got the precision flat angled brush P88 to apply my under eye concealer 
I also got the small tapered blending E45 to blend darker colors in the outer V of my eye 
One of my favorite brushes did break on me. I have no idea why because I do use their dry and shape to dry by brushes and I take good care of them. But the barrel on this brush was always lose. I kind of ignored it until it completely came off. 
I contacted Sigma and they sent me a new replacement, which was great! 
I use this brush for a lot of things 
Spot concealing 
Placing Cream eye shadow 
Priming my eye lids 
And applying under eye concealer 

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