Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Current skin are routine

These are my current skin care routine products 
I use PAMPERS SENSETIVE BABY WIPES to wipe off my makeup. 
good for sensetive skin, 
don't have a strong smell, 
don't sting my eyes even in the hard to get spots.
cheap and affordable 
It takes off most of my makeup by not everything. 

I am in love with the MAYBELLINE CLEAN EXPRESS EYE MAKEUP REMOVER. I was convinced by Nicole Guerriero youtube's Chanel. 
It is a water based eye makeup remover but I suggest you wash your face after because you do not want to break out 
Smells great
Good closure to travel or out in your makeup bag 
Leaves a cool feeling on the skin 

After I take off most of my makeup and my eye makeup I wash my face with the NOXZEMA DAILY FACIAL SCRUB 
It smells great 
Not to harsh on the skin because it is a scrub
Minimizes my blemishes 
Leaves a cool and refreshed feeling on my face. 

Once my face is cleaned and all my makeup is off I use CARMEX to moisturize my lips and I apply JOSIE MARAN ARGON OIL IN LIGHT 
This is a great product for dry skin like mine or even oily skin 
Does not have a smell
Absorbs extremely quick on the skin 
Dries like a matte finish 
Very versatile, you can use it for your cuticles, and hair, I will definitely purchase the bigger bottle of this and maybe try the regular argon oil from her line 

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