Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Makeup collection and storage !

This is my current set up and collection. My main storages are from the container store. 
This is the overall view of one side of my collection. I keep all my foundations and mac lipsticks on top of the acrylic sets. 
On the side I have my everyday makeup brushes. 

Here is the other side. I could not take a full picture. But on this side I keep my wipes, palettes, sigma brush cleaner, brush holder with clean brushes. 
Inside the benefit tin in the right side corner I keep back ups and makeup samples 

Okay going inside of the drawers and in more detail. 
This if the first drawer on the left I have eye products and eyebrow products in here. Like the urban decay glide on pencils, mac eye shadows all the way in the bottom I have a sleek eye shadow palette

In the second drawer I have lip products. Mostly lip balms and tints. EOS lip balms, which I like, I really love fresh sugar rose lip balms I have a small birthday one there from sephora. I would really purchase the full size. I also really like the baby lips! 
Here in this drawer I keep lip glosses and lip liners, and some sharpners in the corner 

Now this is the second three drawer acrylic from the container store on the right. 
I keep eye primers, bases and mascaras, my favorite is they're real from benefit! I don't think I'll ever go back to any other mascara! 
I have some single eye shadows on the corner 

On the second drawer on the right I keep my concealers, compact foundations, moisture tint from mac , I have a highlighter in soft and gentle on the bottom and my overall face powders 
My last drawer on the bottom right I keep  blushes, highlighters and primers, I have brands from NYX, MAC and BENEFIT 

My favorite part . All my mac lipsticks ! I own 5 of them. I have one wet and wild one in the back and a sephora one 
From left to right I have 

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